This Month's Package

Deep Roots


This Month's package will feature a selection of items that feature items for Autism Awareness Month (Awareness is a step, Acceptance is the Destination) & Armenian Pride.

Each package is hand picked by our curators, who do their very best to make everything as personalized as possible; from the pint-sized pep talk cards, to the items that go into the packages.  This is not “just another monthly subscription box”, we are way more intentional in the packages that we create and the communities that we serve.  In fact, there is no monthly subscription option at this time, because we want people to actively seek out the collections that resonate for them.  Each package is packed with love & prayers for the recipient.  We even keep a journal of every recipient of our Pep Talk Packages to be able to keep them in our prayers as we continue on this journey, to remember our humble beginnings.  

Image by Małgorzata Twardo

Bold Babe

$75 {includes our full collection of multi sensory items that engage the sense of the soul - Approx 15 items, 5 Pep Talks & our newsletter}

Image by Léonard Cotte

Balanced Babe

$50 {includes a wider variety of items and a larger quantity of items for our collection - Approx 10 items, 3 Pep Talks & our newsletter}

Image by Annie Spratt

Bitty Babe

$25 {includes a random sampling of items from our collection - Approx 5 items, 1 Pep Talk & our newsletter}


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