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Inspirational Artist of the Month

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Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan is an artist, poet, & musician.  Her work is inspired by storied, conversations, and every-day.  She sees art-making as a way to connect with others, stay curious, and grow in empathy.

Other Artists in February's Collection

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Non Profit of the Month

P.S. I Love You Day Inc.

Jaimie & Brooke Marie are the sisters who founded P.S. I Love You Day Inc. in honor of their father, Joseph DiPalma Jr, whoe died by suicide in 2010.  Directly following his death these incredible sisters made it their mission to raise awareness for suicide prevention& end the stigma surrounding mental health.

"At P.S. I Love You Day Inc, we strongly believe that by providing mental health education for students earlier, it will reduce the stigma around getting support for mental health struggles.  As a result, educated & empowered young people may engage in important life-saving conversations advocating for themselves and/or recognizing warning signs in their friends who need help.

"2021 marks the 11th Annual P.S. I Love You day at local schools & there are 2018 schools & colleges signed up to celebrate P.S. I Love You Day this year on Friday, February 12th!  We encourage communities to wear purple in order to foster Kindness & a welcoming environment, and educate others that addressing our mental health is just as necessary as taking care of our physical health.