Meet Our Artists


We strive to support, uplift & promote the work of the artists that create unique items for us to feature in our packages each month.  We highlight them in our newsletter each month so that if a recipient sees something in a collection that they really love, they can find that artist online & support them by purchasing additional works or sharing the artist’s info on their social media.  

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Michelle works primarily as a storyboard artist but also is passionate about 2D animation & illustration.  Her love of storytelling landed her at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  When not focused on SVA assignments she enjoys working on her own projects.

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Lisa Casal
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Lisa Casal Galietta specializes in creating one of a kind keepsake cards that are hand painted using watercolors, combined with lots of beautiful patterns of paper, sparkle & charm, as featured in Newsday. Being a professional musician inspired Lisa to create a line of performance cards, catering specifically to musicians, dancers & artists, perfect for post-performance celebrations. 

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Camile Grace is a romantic artist and storyteller at heart. A life-long poet, she has started pairing her words and photography to celebrate and explore the intimate delicacies of the human experience. She invites you to follow the journey on the link below

Nancy Perry
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Candace Colby
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    Designer Candace Doby is a greeting card junky and a purveyor of positivity. Pep Talker greeting cards and gifts were created at the intersection of the two to put a little pep in someone else’s step. When Candace isn’t designing, she’s teaching young leaders how to activate personal courage in order 

     to perform to their potential

      in school, work and beyond.

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Kelsie W
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Sara Hiles
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Cindy Bendel
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Maral Sheohmelian specializes in needle felted wool ornaments, cross stitch & embroidery work..  Handcrafted Armenian traditional meets modern designs.  You can find her work on Instagram @NVIRI.AM and on Etsy @NviriArmenianGifts.  Tamar runs the shop and coordinates several female artisans from Armenia.

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Ary is a multi disciplinary storyteller & candle witch.  Working the the cycles of our dynamic moon, channels the sensuous, soothing & bright, to bring healing & grounding to your daily rituals. For more info on the unique qualities of the Rising Leo Moon check out Chani Nicholas' App!

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Harper Nichols
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Morgan is an artist, poet, & musician.  Her work is inspired by storied, conversations, and every-day.  She sees art-making as a way to connect with others, stay curious, and grow in empathy.

Lara Proudian-Kushner
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Tiffany Ludyny
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Hovhannes Mkhitaryan
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Jessica Leza
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Paula & Chris Jeanniton
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Rita Deek
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Grace Key
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Grace Key is the creator of Candidly Kind. She’s a 23 year old entrepreneur who has used writing, drawing and painting throughout her life to express herself.Grace was born with Down syndrome, but prefers to call it Up syndrome. She aims to promote kindness and a belief in oneself no matter what the obstacles and hopes her artistic creations will remind you to live with authenticity, act with love, and treat everyone you meet with an open heart.

Maddie Torres
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Carrie Pabst
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Jan Lee
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Leilani McMillan
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Nicole Ryf
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Support Our Featured Non Profits

Having worked for Non-Profits throughout her entire adult life, Christine (our Founder) had her heart set on creating an aspect of Pep Talks that would give back to communities.  Each month a different Non-Profit is selected to celebrate the work that they do, spread awareness, give them a platform & to support their efforts through monetary donations.

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P.S. I Love You Day Inc.

West Islip, NY

Jaimie & Brooke Marie are the sisters who founded P.S. I Love You Day Inc. in honor of their father, Joseph DiPalma Jr, whoe died by suicide in 2010.  Directly following his death these incredible sisters made it their mission to raise awareness for suicide prevention& end the stigma surrounding mental health.

"At P.S. I Love You Day Inc, we strongly believe that by providing mental health education for students earlier, it will reduce the stigma around getting support for mental health struggles.  As a result, educated & empowered young people may engage in important life-saving conversations advocating for themselves and/or recognizing warning signs in their friends who need help.

"2021 marks the 11th Annual P.S. I Love You day at local schools & there are 2018 schools & colleges signed up to celebrate P.S. I Love You Day this year on Friday, February 12th!  We encourage communities to wear purple in order to foster Kindness & a welcoming environment, and educate others that addressing our mental health is just as necessary as taking care of our physical health.

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Open Door Exchange

Setauket, NY

Founded in January 2015, we are an outreach program of the Setauket Presbyterian Church that seeks to redistribute good quality furniture to those in need.  They accept donations of essential household furnishings and offer them free of charge to individuals who need assistance turning their living space into a comfortable home.  They partner with other Long Island nonprofits, who refer recipients to them.  Rather than being unnecessarily discarded, good furniture is given new life, benefiting both our neighbors and our environment.  Their warehouse is located in Port Jefferson Station.  Individuals and families referred to us can make an appointment to come to the warehouse and choose the furniture that they need.  They offer the dignity of selecting one’s own furnishings.

Meet Our Bold Babes


So often the word “babe” is weaponized or hypersexualized within society, especially coming out of the mouths of men on the streets.  The Bold Babe Project is the reclamation of that word & creating a space for people to write their own narrative rather than allowing their story to be told for them by others.  It is a moving & powerful project & we cannot wait to see what takes root from it!  

Bold Babe Bec.png

“I’m a bold babe because I am Autistic, ADHD, Bi, and I have C-PTSD from surviving trauma and I’m here being loud and proud about all of it! Any time I’m gifted a platform to demystify and destigmatize neurodivergence, mental health, gender, or sexuality I am compelled by an inner fire to do so! All I want is to make the world better for the people coming up behind me who have similar differences to mine. I want them to feel like they’re not alone, and I want to make sure there are fewer barriers in their way to an equitable life.”

Bold babe Candace.png
39 she/her

I am a bold babe because I think ‘I can’, I say ‘I will’ and then I show myself what I’m made of.


As a former political campaign organizer, Sarah was able to meet with voters in South Carolina to hear what meant the most to them in a future president. Now, she is working for a law firm as a member of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. On top of her passion for social justice, Sarah also cares deeply for the arts. She graduated from her undergraduate program with a certificate in vocal performance, and is currently pursuing a certificate in graphic design at Parsons.

49 she/her

I'm a 49 year old woman who has raised two amazing children by myself ! Well not totally by myself, I chose a really great village to help shape them into awesome humans . My daughter is 24 and an RN who's intelligence and compassion never ceases to amaze me daily . My son is 23, has autism and faces many challenges but still manages to bless us all with his engaging smile and spirit. I work as an office manager at a cancer center where the patients inspire me to overcome my challenges as they do theirs. I surround myself with positive dope souls who keep me out of the darkness that tries to creep in. Although I have sadness in my heart I know my kids deserve better than a "sad mom" so I've fought it these last 20 years and will continue to beat it because Life is so beautiful when you stop looking at what you don't have and start acknowledging all the blessings you do have!”

24 she/her

I have been working as an oncology nurse for 4 years. I also have grown up helping to raise my autistic brother. Although i have my own struggles with anxiety and depression i strive to treat people with compassion and care

Bold Babe Daniela.jpg
20 she/her

i believe i am a bold babe because i put my enthusiasm and love into every project i complete - whether it’s creating art or serving others

Bold babe melissa.jpg

Being bold to me means fighting for what you believe in. Each day I fight for my students, family, and school community to make sure they receive all the necessary things they need to learn and grow.

This is a picture from the summer. I had a student who struggled with remote learning so I dressed up as Mario and had sound effects so learning was more fun and exciting.

Bold babe Gina.jpg
38 she/her

I’m a bold babe cause I’m not afraid to be who I am and I'm always rooting for the underdog and there to protect the people that can't protect themselves... plus I always feel my boldest when I'm on the stage 😉”

39 I can’t define my pronouns & they don’t define me

I am a bold babe because I have learned that there truly isn’t any other way for me to get by in this world. I have had people tell me who I am & I am tired of accepting the limiting beliefs of others about the life that I get to create. I know that I won’t always live this life as best I can, I am imperfect...but I will try my best. I will just continue to live as authentically as I can with love in my heart & a devotion to serving others. I will keep my eyes & ears, my heart & mind, and my hands open...ready, willing for whatever comes next. I will keep moving forward. And I will keep reminding myself ‘This life is mine’. “

22 she/her

When I hear the word bold, the first thing that comes to mind is courage. A bold woman to me is someone who is clear with what she wants, where she is headed in life, and she is not afraid to stand up in what she believes in. To be bold implies a willingness to get things done despite risks, and this is something I put into practice everyday. I am currently pursuing a medical degree in pediatrics and there is nothing I want more in this world then to have the opportunity to work with children and help them in any way I can. The medical school process in itself is extremely stressful, and it can sometimes feel like everything and everyone is against you. Despite this, I work hard everyday to make sure I achieve my goal of becoming a doctor. This process has been anything but easy and there has been numerous obstacles that I’ve had to overcome. However, I thank God for these obstacles because it has made me into the person I am today, and I am stronger because of it. I am still standing, and will continue to fight for my dream. I know that there is definitely going to be more hurdles along the way and am aware of the risks that come with this process, nonetheless, I am relentless and will not give up until I get there.

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Even when life presented challenges, I didn’t run from them in fear. When my mom passed at a young age, & I was a teenager in Iran, I could’ve let it break me. It hurt a lot, & I was numb & in shock for months, but eventually, I had to move on, for myself, for my family, & for my mom. When I had to leave my father & younger sister behind in Iran & move to Austria for six months, to a land where I knew nobody & where the liberal culture was the opposite extreme from the conservative culture in which I grew up, & where the people there looked at me as a weird foreigner, I could have curled up in a ball & collapsed. But I persevered, I learned, I grew, & I got through it. When I went from Austria to New York to rejoin my 3 siblings who had previously fled war torn Iran, & had to learn yet another new culture that was far different from the ones I grew up in, I could’ve let that defeat me, but I didn't. I grew, I learned, I adapted. When I started to find work in New York, I paid my dues, learned my lessons, & went from an internship at the MTA to a leadership position in an international company, which is one of the world's most recognized names in its field. When I was told by my family and peers to marry this person or that person, & to stop being so picky, I stood my ground, I was true to myself, & I became comfortable & confident in my own skin, until I found the person with whom I knew I was meant to be. When I found my spouse and we were ready to start a family, I didn't let some initial challenges & setbacks stand in my way, & I asked & learned & did everything possible until I made it happen. When I was ready to rejoin the workforce, I quickly became an essential player, & am now once again 1 of the key people on their team. When I felt my interests & passions in the worlds of decorating & home furnishings calling to me, I followed my talents, & started to get called upon by clients, friends, family, & peers to help them with their home decor. When I get up each day, I know that I'm going to accomplish something important. I'm going to teach my children to be better. I'm going show them by example to do more, to be brave, and to achieve!

Bold babe erin.jpg
34 she/her

Life has thrown a lot of curveballs my way. It seems like every time I’ve found my footing, something came along to try and knock me down. I learned early on that my own strength of will and character would be what kept me going. Along with the love and support from those I love and love me in return.

It’s not some secret prayer or special mantra that got me through it all. I’ve just tried to be my best self, put my best foot forward and give my all in everything I do.

Bold babe gladis.jpg
 18 she/her

I think I’m a bold babe because even though I’m young there were obstacles that I could’ve not tried or given up on but instead I turned those doubts into the fire that helped me surpass those obstacles. Going through things makes you see a different perspective of life in a general statement. I believe that those obstacles have shaped me to who I am today, as someone who always tries to see the good in others, treat them as equals but overall bring positivity to wherever I go.

Bold Babe Bana 1.png
37 she/her

I’ve been through a lot but through it all I’ve kept moving forward. My family , my children and my husband have been a huge factor in how well I’ve been able to cope with loss.

23 they/she

I am a bold babe because I am confident and free in my body. I don’t need to take on anyone’s insecurities or commentary- I can be unapologetically me in my own skin

18 she/her

I believe that I’m a bold babe because I try to push through anything thrown at me. I know my limits but I also try my best to push those limits to a certain point. I might be small, but I am mighty and I love that about myself.”