Sharing the stories of the Whole-hearted Humans

 that have made us the people we are today!  


It is deeply important for me to remember & celebrate the legacies of the people (specifically the women) that have influenced me in my own life to give love to others.  That desire to honor their legacy is a large aspect that drives this passion project for me.

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When my Nanni died & then again in 2017 when my godmother Patti died, my world was forever changed.

Christine Kerimian-Fitzgerald

Creator and Head Curator

I've spent years trying to navigate this world without them.  My Nanni cared for me after kidney surgery when I was only 7, helped me face the uncertanties of my first period  recognized my heart when I felt like no one else did. Patti liked to say that she'd held me in her arms, as if I were her own, ever since she held me on her graduation day.  For me, Patti was equal parts cool big sister & up for anything Auntie Mame.  She was the person in my life who kicked me in the ass when I needed it and one of my best friends.  In Fact, no matter who you were in Patti's life - a stranger's a friend and a friend's family!

Both Nanni & Patti taught me through their examples what it meant to give all you have for others.

I think the most valuable lesson was to keep my humor about me, no matter what the situation.  They had the ability to laugh at themselves and always made me feel safe enough to laugh at myself too.

These two formidable women are beyond biography;  they lovingly shaped me into the woman I am while they walked this earth.  Even to this day, I can feel the echoes of their words from Heaven.

Curating these packages in their memory is truly a labor of love.  It honors their legacies by celebrating the arts, laughing with child-like joy, finding hope, even in the darkest of times, supporting & uplifting women and helping others whenever, wherever & however possible

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Wholehearted Humans

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Elsie was an incredible woman that built up a community of people that loved the Macabre; she celebrated the genre of horror/thrillers and all those who loved the genre. She was such an amazing source of support to the work that my husband Sean & I did with our Project 52 Films and made sure to feature our work in the Film Festival that she created with her Husband, Adam. She was always so kind, gracious & generous with her time and compliments of what we accomplished during that project & would inquire about what we were working on next.

Elsie was also someone who lived life to the fullest & wore her passion on her sleeve, there was no confusing how Elsie felt about something that she cared about. She was goofy, larger than life & determined. She is an incredible inspiration to anyone that crossed her path by the way that she lived her life and the way that she fought for years against cancer.

When I think of Elsie today, on her Birthday, I am continuously inspired by her giant heart & relentless spirit to accomplish anything that she set her mind to.


-Christine Kerimian-Fitzgerald