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Pep Talk Packages


The mission of Pep Talk Packages is to offer carefully curated boxes that engage the soul by honoring the joys & sorrows of life through collections of handmade art, whimsical goodies & inspirational gifts. We strive to empower communities by investing in these creative efforts & donating to grassroots organizations.


Discover our Different Programs

Image by Małgorzata Twardo

Bold Babe

$75 {includes our full collection of multi sensory items that engage the sense of the soul - Approx 15 items, 5 Pep Talks & our newsletter}

Image by Léonard Cotte

Balanced Babe

$50 {includes a wider variety of items and a larger quantity of items for our collection - Approx 10 items, 3 Pep Talks & our newsletter}

Image by Annie Spratt

Bitty Babe

$25 {includes a random sampling of items from our collection - Approx 5 items, 1 Pep Talk & our newsletter}

Get Your Package Today

I just can't thank you enough for this package.  I think it is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!

Linda - NY

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